Best Source of Protein for Vegetarian Body Builders

Body building, like any other sports demands that the athlete maintains a high protein diet. But, if you are a body builder you will know that there isn’t any other sport that requires as much protein as body building does, so if you are a vegetarian you are basically going to have a hard time getting big, muscly and defined – or perhaps not.

Hundreds of lean & strong men throughout the world who have made impressive physiques without meat protein proves the fact that eating meat is not always necessary for a lean and fit body. That said; meat is hand down the best source of protein – hands down, but since you cannot eat it here are some that are as good as meat.

Beans are good but there cannot be any doubt that soy is the best known to man. Nutritionists will ask you to take up soy as the best substitution for meat any given day. Soya Foods contains all the protein you need plus peptides and necessary minerals that will keep you fighting fit and give your body enough to rebuild muscle fibres day in and out.

Rice and chickpeas
One of the stapes of any India’s food is rice and when that is coupled with chickpeas or kidney beans it becomes a very good source of protein after your intense bout of workout. You can include Soya Foods with a rice dish too. Should you need something more to go with rice and chickpeas add some yogurt to the mix and you have a wholesome dish to enjoy.


It is a food which has been chosen by NASA as one of the foods they intend to grow during space flights from one planet to another! The reason Quinoa is so cool because it contains 8 grams of protein every cup and that is sufficient for any non-meat eater to have what they need after workouts.

We hope these three vegetarian substitutions for meat will give you every bit of protein you will ever need to grow nicely lean and strong without ever having to taste meat ever if you choose not to.
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