Everything You Need To Know About Soy Flour

Soy flour is a high protein alternative to wheat flour. This is one of the most multipurpose things you can have in your kitchen. Unlike other ways of making flour, soy flour is different in many ways, and perhaps the significant difference that you need to know is this: soy flour is gluten free and will not be a perfect replacement and Full Fat Soy Flour doesn’t intend to be a replacement either. It’s a better alternative that will give you more protein per serving. 

What you get in the market?
You will get many varieties of soy flour in the market today. Some come flavoured; others are basic in flavour and texture. Get whatever option you like and try it out. If your local stores don’t stock Full Fat Soy Flour you can always order it online. Commonly available varsities contain no cholesterol and little or no saturated fat. The minimum protein content is in enriched soy flour with 12%, and defatted Soy flour contains 55%. Full Fat Soy Flour contains 40% protein.

Using Soy Flour in food

The best way to use this is in moderation. Do understand that it is not a complete substitution. So if you try making rotis completely with it you are going be shocked. Add soy flour only in small amounts and add more as you see fit. Check what the recipe says about adding soy flour. Storing is easy because you can keep it in containers for up to a year without worrying about it forming flour nuggets.

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